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Factual Investigations

At Macil Global we understand the importance of providing a thorough, fact-based report to our clients in a timely and professional manner.  As both the legal and commercial issues surrounding each matter can be complex, we formulate a detailed plan and strategy, to ensure our investigators are as efficient and effective as possible.

We have an experienced team of investigators from backgrounds in areas such as Law, Insurance, OH&S, Human Resources, Engineering, Occupational Hygiene, Education, EPA, Government and Police.

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Workplace Investigations

Macil Global ensures that workplace investigations are conducted fairly and thoroughly, in order to achieve the most successful outcome of a claim. We provide you with the crucial information needed during the decision making process, in order to promote good employee relations, as well as a team synergy.

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Surveillance Investigations

At Macil Global we strive to provide you with surveillance services which are tailored to your needs. We utilize the latest state of the art technology, in order to obtain the best quality video footage and photographs. We provide our clients with regular updates throughout the course of all investigations, to ensure we achieve results in line with your expectations.

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Due Diligence

Our reports begin with a risk table which summarises important information for quick comprehension. Information is presented in a structured and logical format, easy to navigate and digest. We clearly identify and provide links, to enable the reader to drill into the source of information.

We can undertake due diligence checks in a range of areas including confirmation of identity, credit history, financial performance history, company and business affiliations, property ownership, caveats/encumberments, lien filings, civil court history, personal property securities register, social media profiling, fraud and corruption history.

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Witness Locations

Macil Global has both the experience and expertise, to deliver the service you need when it comes to Witness location/Skip Tracing.

The integrity and success of any investigation can hinge on the availability and credibility of witness evidence.

Our dedicated team of witness location experts leave no stone unturned, in the pursuit of critical witness evidence, or the location of persons of interest.

We meticulously search online databases and conduct exhaustive enquiries to locate witnesses and other persons of interest.



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Process Serving

Macil Global provides service to all Australian jurisdictions at the highest standards, pursuant to the rules of procedure. Whether the service is personal, or addressed to a business, our process servers are professional and well presented.

We are also able to prepare affidavits of service as we have in-house Counsel to ensure all affidavits are sworn in a timely manner. We offer progress reports on all subpoenas via email, or phone and we have complete confidence in our ability to provide prompt and cost efficient services, without compromising quality.

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