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Macil Global provides highly specialised investigation services to the private, corporate, insurance, legal and government sectors.

Our services include factual and surveillance investigations into liability claims and litigated matters, in both general insurance and work cover.  We also offer litigation support services including process serving and witness locations.  Our range of services encapsulate investigations into personal injuries, statutory benefits and common law claims.

Corporate investigations including comprehensive Due Diligence reviews and reporting, are a specialty of the group, providing clients with the satisfaction of a thorough, professional report to support their requirements.

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Our Core Team

All Macil Global staff are specialists in their chosen fields and bring a unique set of skills, expertise and a desire to work in the investigation industry.  Macil aims to provide a work environment that is empowering, inspiring and motivational.  We have in place formal instructions and comprehensive quality processes, aimed at providing professional, accurate and relevant investigations.

David MacLeod


Siham Armanious

Relationship Manager

Robyn Jakobovic

Manager - Investigation & Development

Jillian Porter

Senior Legal Counsel

Czarina Saldana

Legal Counsel

Wesley Robertson

Legal Counsel

Marta Caceffo

Surveillance Coordinator

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Our services cover Local, National and Global jurisdictions with access to qualified, competent…